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Rabbi4me was founded in 2012 as a Jewish community in the cloud.  In 2019, it morphed into a community of rabbis committed to ensuring that no Jew falls between the cracks by implementing a Proactive CRM.

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CiviCRM is a powerful system that can transform your shlichus if you know how to use it.  If you don't know how to use it, however, you'll find yourself getting frustrated trying to do simple tasks. 

I've created some free resources that will answer many of the questions that shluchim have been asking me and can help you make the most of your CRM.

Click here to see 2 minute videos

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Many shluchim need more than watching a few videos or reading pages and pages of documentation.  They want someone to walk them through CRM and teach them how to use it.  There is also significant setup involved to make a good CRM useful.  We're offering group training to make it economic and worthwhile for everyone.

Click here to see the syllabus and schedule.


If you need more individualized solutions or help, call or email to set up a private session.

Email or whatsapp (951) 234-4196.


Rabbi4me was founded as an online educational outreach community and Rabbi Abrams still teaches every week online.  To participate in Rabbi Abrams weekly classes, check out To see his YouTube Channel with other videos, visit

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(951) 234-4196

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