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Chabadsuite + methodology = magic

Chabadsuite is a powerful system, but it's only as powerful as your understanding of it.

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The YouTube tutorials are educational in nature.  This course is more than learning concepts.  We'll be walking through configuration of your CRM to make sure that you can actually use it right by the time we are done.  You can read the syllabus in the next section.

This course entails a commitment of 1.5 hours for four days, but also includes minimum 3 hours of homework (I'll give instructions on setup, but you'll need time to configure after meeting)

The course cost is $250.

If you would like private consulting, please email or whatsapp (951) 234-4196.

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The two goals of the course are to (1) Understand how to think like a smart CRM (2) Configure your Chabadsuite to act proactively and seamlessly with all of the capabilities (CC processing, Quickbooks integration, Geocoding, Email, SMS, website etc.)


We'll go through the unique needs of our participants and create the criteria for our first smart groups, get rid of our manual lists, and create overrides, for unique situations.

We will also set up geocoding, email & SMS to make the system capable of creating proximity searches, as well as engagement searches.


Smart groups only work if you are tracking the smart data.  In this meeting, we'll work through specific hurdles in harvesting this data, as well as set up the right fields to make make our data usable.

We'll also set up other related systems like a free Gsuite account


CRM is only part of the equation.  You need to understand basic accounting and Quickbooks in order to make your system work for you.

We will configure Quickbooks to match our CRM and learn how to make them talk to each other.


In this meeting, we'll be setting up all the necessary components of having a seamless workflow.  This means that by the end of the meeting and homework, credit card donations will flow through your CRM, Quickbooks & processor to completely eliminate double data entry.

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